Robust Design

Sharper and more robust than regular needles, the NanoPass MicronJetTM hollow microneedle design utilizes MEMS technology with a thick-walled, patent protected, pyramid design that enables the creation of elaborate miniature devices with unprecedented mechanical stability and structural precision.

Intradermal Delivery

NanoPass’ MicronJetTM technology offers a significant edge over current methods of intradermal needle delivery with its high consistency, low leakage rate and high success rate evaluated by bleb/wheal formation. Its microscopic size makes it less intimidating, reduces pain and as a result is preferred by a majority of subjects

MicronJet 600 by Nanopass

Patented Technology

NanoPass’s intellectual property and technology platform is protected worldwide with a robust global IP portfolio covering production processes, designs, and trademarks.

US patents – 6,533,949; 7,648,484; 7,850,657; 8,454,844; 7,998,119; 8,007,466; 7,285,113; 7,588,552