NES ZIONA, Israel, August 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

NanoPass Technologies Ltd. (“NanoPass”), a pioneer in intradermal delivery solutions for vaccines and immunotherapies, announced today it will be delivering two oral presentations on the company’s intradermal delivery device MicronJet™ at the Skin Vaccination Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland on September 2-4.

NanoPass’s Chief Executive Officer, Yotam Levin, MD, will present 8 years of accumulated clinical data while the Company’s Medical Director, Efrat Kochba, MD, will present the results of a recent intradermal iPV (inactivated polio vaccine) in HIV+ subjects.

The oral presentation, titled “Intradermal vaccination using the novel microneedle device MicronJet™: Past, present and future” and the presentation, titled, “NanoPass’ clinical experience with global health vaccines”, will both be held on September 3, 2015 at 17:20 PM and 10:40 AM, respectively.

About NanoPass Technologies Ltd.

NanoPass is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of intradermal (skin) delivery solutions. The company collaborates with a variety of vaccine and immunotherapy product developers. NanoPass and its partners have concluded multiple clinical studies in various fields including vaccines (seasonal[1],[2] and pandemic influenza, polio[3] and others), cancer and diabetes immunotherapy, insulin delivery and allergy. NanoPass is backed by prominent investors including IHCV, XT Investments, DPartners and ‎Elcam Medical.‎
About MicronJet

MicronJet600™ is a microneedle-based device for intradermal delivery of vaccines and drugs, enabling consistent, nearly painless and simple delivery of therapeutics directly into the skin. MicronJet™ has proven efficacy and safety in multiple applications including flu and other vaccines and is utilized in large international clinical studies.

MicronJet™ is registered for marketing in various territories including the USA, for use by health care professionals for intradermal delivery (see label).



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