NES ZIONA, ISRAEL, and Shanghai, China, February 7, 2022

Intradermal COVID vaccination studies are emerging in a global effort to multiply available doses by harnessing skin immunity to reduce dosage required for effective vaccination. In a hallmark mark study published recently by IMB scientists [[1]], subjects were immunized twice with IMB’s inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine intramuscularly. About six months later, 20 participants randomly received 1/15 (<7%) of the vaccine dose intradermally (into the skin) using NanoPass’ MicronJetTM600 device. Significant increases in antibody levels were demonstrated one week and 2 months after the injection (X8-10 and X12.5-97 than baseline, respectively). Six months later, antibody levels were reduced but remained significantly higher than baseline (X8.5-12). These results have shown that the intradermal 3rd boost allowed for robust and sustained (>6mo) immunogenicity with a favorable safety (no fever and only mild injection site redness and swelling).

NanoPass CEO, Dr. Yotam Levin says: “We commend the Chinese researchers for their continued pioneering work during COVID-19, in an effort to develop, evaluate and improve vaccines against this horrible pandemic. Excitingly, the study design used a mere 1/15 of the dose, potentially allowing to multiply available doses by 15-fold, and has demonstrated durability of response for at least six months. The study was conducted with the MicronJetTM600 injection device, which is registered in China and most major markets, and which provides consistent intradermal inoculation.”

This milestone is a joint effort between NanoPass and YNC, who supported IMB. YNC has been working hard to promote NanoPass’s intradermal delivery platform in China and this cooperation is a major milestone on the track to helping China combat COVID-19.

YNC CEO, Ni Jian, says: China has made significant achievements in combatting COVID, however, the antibodies drop to a significantly low level six months after immunization, which provides a hotbed for the recurrence of the pandemic. This means that finding a way to improve antibody levels and sustaining such high levels for a longer time becomes critical. Through the reliability and consistency of the MicronJet™600 device for intradermal injections, IMB, with our support, has found a method to significantly increase the antibody levels (by 8 to 97 fold) and keep it at a high levels for at least six months. This milepost discovery and follow-up study are expected to provide important weapons for the global victory over COVID-19.

About NanoPass

NanoPass is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of microneedle-based delivery platforms for aesthetics, vaccines and more. It is supported by extensive clinical data and approved for the delivery of any substance or drug under the surface of the skin that is approved for this delivery route. Visit


About YNC

YNC Medical has been committed to integrate advanced products and technologies from the East and the West, and creating value for the whole industrial chain through the upgrading of key products. As the premiere partner of NanoPass in the medical market in China, in the past few years, YNC worked with the KOLs in more than 20 provinces and conducted training and academic communications with more and 10,000 doctors and medical workers. In the same time, we assisted multiple research institutions in relevant academic research. By implementing the stable intradermal injection performance of MicronJet™600, we aim to make the revolutionary change in the fields of skin testing for allergy and TB and primarily for vaccines, including COVID-19.

[1] Fan S, et al. “Ameliorated immunity elicited by intradermal inoculation in individuals vaccinated with inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine”. Vaccine. 2021 Nov 26;39(48):6980-6983.