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MicroPyramid Technology
Robust microneedles
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Seen here enlarged to 150 times their original size, NanoPass MicroPyramids are sharp, and are robust enough to penetrate human skin in a nearly painless* manner.
*  Vaccine publication on file
Painless Intradermal Injections
The MicronJet Needle
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NanoPass has developed a single-use, fit-all device, for painless delivery into the skin (Intradermally). The MicronJet needle is capable of injecting virtually any substance and can be used with any standard syringe to inject drugs, proteins and vaccines.

NanoPass Technologies will Present 8 Years of Clinical Experience With Its MicronJet600 Device in the Coming Skin Vaccination Summit 2015 Meeting
NanoPass Technologies Grants an Exclusive License to Circassia Pharmaceuticals, for use of its MicronJet600 Device in Allergy Testing in the US

Business Opportunities
  NanoPass is seeking world leading pharmaceutical, medical device and ...


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